"I had one once, but the wheels fell off, so I said to the King, George, you hold the umbrella, I'll walk in the rain for a while. But it was rabbit season, and they were falling out of the trees. I had one once...."​

Coming Soon to Parsons Alley in Duluth, GA!

Falling Rabbit Restaurant is led by Executive Chef Chuck Woods and General Manager Barbara Vickers.

Chuck and Barbara hail from Chicago, IL where they operated prestigious bars and restaurants such as Girl and the Goat, Trench Bar, Prairie School, Tied House and Dorian's. They are bringing their expertise and experience to Parsons Alley with the opening of Falling Rabbit in early 2020.

Falling Rabbit’s unique menu features elevated seasonal cuisine complimented by creative wine and bar offerings. Paired with the stunning interior design by Studio SOGO’s Leslie Ellsworth and focus on hospitality, food, family, friends, tradition, and love, Falling Rabbit is destined to be the location in Parsons Alley to imbibe and celebrate life.