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4 Celebrations to Have at a Casual Fine Dining Restaurant

Are you looking for a place to have a celebration? Why not consider celebrating at a casual fine dining restaurant like Falling Rabbit? Here you’ll find good food, creative drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere that simply can’t be beat.

Whether the celebration is for two or ten, casual fine dining restaurants offer the perfect blend of high-end fare mixed with a relaxed environment. Birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, and graduations are all great to celebrate at a casual fine dining restaurant like ours. Learn more about what makes them the perfect venues below.


Celebrate one more turn around the sun with the finest seasonal fare Duluth, Georgia has to offer. A casual fine dining restaurant is just the place for birthday celebrations. Birthdays are all about having fun while making the guest of honor feel special. Celebrate a birthday at a casual fine dining restaurant and you’re sure to accomplish both. The food presentations are to die for and the cocktails are crafted with exceptional creativity. No matter who is in your party, this birthday will be one no one will forget.


Anniversaries are meant to be acknowledged, and what better place to do that than at a casual fine dining restaurant like Falling Rabbit. Celebrate your wedding anniversary, a relationship milestone, or even a work anniversary at your favorite casual fine dining restaurant to bring attention to the momentous occasion. Casual fine dining establishments like ours are versatile, meaning they can accommodate various groups of people. Whether you want an intimate table for two or need space for your entire team, casual fine dining restaurants can typically make it happen.

Holiday Parties

The holidays are the perfect time of year to get your entire company together to celebrate your hard work. Casual fine dining restaurants are the preferred choice for corporate holiday parties because they will show your staff how much you appreciate them without forcing them to abide by the strict rules of a fine dining restaurant. Employees can let loose with and enjoy our hand-crafted cocktails and indulge in seasonal holiday fare. Plus,celebrating at a casual fine dining restaurant means your team will be treated to first-rate hospitality and service.


Graduating from high school or college or getting your post-graduate degree is a major milestone that should be celebrated! Casual fine dining restaurants make celebrating graduations exceptionally memorable. Choose to celebrate with your family or bring a group of friends who are also graduating so everyone can commemorate the occasion.

Are you looking for a casual fine dining restaurant for your next celebration? The bar and restaurant at Falling Rabbit in Duluth, GA is the place to go! Ambient, whimsical, and designed to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience, our establishment is ready to take your celebration to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can accommodate your group.

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