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4 Must-Try Crafted Cocktails at Falling Rabbit Restaurant

As someone who appreciates a great cocktail, it’s no wonder you’ve found yourself here at Falling Rabbit. Known for our innovative, handcrafted cocktails, Falling Rabbit Restaurant in Duluth, GA has made a name for ourselves for being one of the go-to spots for casual fine dining and craft drinks. Not only do we have a beautiful selection of crafted cocktails available on our drink menu, but the passion and thought that goes into developing these concoctions may make you appreciate them even more. Before we go into which handcrafted cocktails you have to try when visiting us here, let’s cover the basics about why people lean towards a crafted cocktail in the first place.

Why is a Crafted Cocktail the Type of Best Drink?

The “best drink” is subjective, but people love craft cocktails for the creativity that goes into them. Making an exceptional craft cocktail requires combining just the right ingredients in a way that delivers an explosive fit of flavor. A delicious craft cocktail is rarely a drink that is developed on a whim; finding the perfect balance of liquor and other ingredients takes quite a bit of trial and error… and several taste tests.

We are proud to have worked hard on our handcrafted cocktails here at Falling Rabbit and present you with only the best Duluth has to offer:

  1. Snake in the Grass: Vodka, Vermouth, Cucumber, and Prosecco

A classic Irish craft cocktail, Snake in the Grass is visually vibrant. The bright green drink gives a nod to Irish heritage, but make no mistake – anyone and everyone can enjoy this cocktail, regardless of their background. Here at Falling Rabbit, we use Zubrowka Vodka, but others may choose different types of vodka based on preference. In our version, the signature green color comes from cucumber, but some opt to include pistachio liqueur as well.

  1. Barrel Aged Black Sheep Thrill: Gin, Amaro, Dimmi, and Rhubarb

Did you know that barrel aging has a major impact on the flavor of whiskey? A barrel acts as a capsule containing all the flavors and aromas of the liquor wherein the alcohol undergoes chemical reactions (such as oxidation) with the oak. The star of our Barrel Aged Black Sheep features Nikka Gin along with Maraschino Cherry Amaro and Rhubarb.

  1. House of Blue Leaves: Gin, Plum Sake, Blue Doris, and Shoyu

This craft cocktail is like a reimagined dirty martini. Did you know that its name comes from a play written by the American Playwright John Guare? It centers around a zookeeper with larger-than-life dreams about making it big in Hollywood. Much like the play, this cocktail is whimsical in nature with its plum sake and shoyu.

  1. Foie Whiskey & Jam: Bourbon, Foie Gras, Plum, Bitters, and Truffle

This is truly a unique Stellum 115 Barrel Proof Bourbon. It has hints of plum and truffle to accompany the long notes of foie gras. This crafted cocktail uses the process of fat-washing to add texture and weight to the drink.

Ready to try these crafted cocktails for yourself? Reserve a table with us for a special night with family and friends at Falling Rabbit today!

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