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5 Reasons Why Fancy Restaurants Serve Small Portions

Ask anyone what they know about fancy restaurants and the one thing they’ll probably mention is the portion sizes. High-end restaurants are notorious for small portions, but have you ever wondered why? There are good reasons behind the small portions in fancy restaurants. While Falling Rabbit, a casual fine dining restaurant in Duluth, GA, does not necessarily identify as a “fancy restaurant,” we pride ourselves on providing carefully curated, seasonal fare that caters to even the most advanced of palates. We therefore understand the “small portions in fancy restaurants” phenomenon and are here to help explain it to curious guests.

High End Means Premium Ingredients

The primary reason for small portions in fancy restaurants tends to be due to the establishment using premium, fresh ingredients. Many fine dining and casual fine dining restaurants prioritize seasonal fare that may be hard to come by, making it significantly more expensive for the restaurant to acquire and prepare. Fancy restaurants have to serve smaller portions in order to offer this food to as many guests as possible.

You’ll Savor Every Bite

The food you’ll find in fancy restaurants is refined in terms of preparation, presentation, and flavor. By keeping portions small, fancy restaurants encourage guests to relish each bite so they can have a truly memorable gastronomic experience.

Each Dish is a Work of Art

Executive chefs’ backgrounds enable them the ability to produce dishes that are not only delicious but also look exquisite. Arranging small vegetables on a plate, adding garnish, and food plating is something to be celebrated. Chefs take time and effort to create these masterpieces, which is why it is common for many guests to take a photo of their dishes before they indulge. While hearty portions may be delicious, they simply cannot compete with the aesthetic presentation that small portions at fancy restaurants offer.

Multiple Courses for Multiple Tastes

Sometimes fancy restaurants have small portions because there will be multiple courses in one sitting. High-end establishments may keep portions small to prevent guests from getting too full too fast. For example, a 12-course restaurant has to keep portion sizes on the smaller side. If they didn’t, guests would never get to dessert! While not all fancy restaurants have a tasting menu, we want every course to be appreciated as fully as possible.

Display of Elegance

The idea that less is more extends to small portions in fancy restaurants. Dining at a casual fine dining or fine dining restaurant means you’re paying for the entire experience beyond just the food. Although casual fine dining brings a different air than another type of fancy restaurant might, we want patrons to experience the full breadth of the restaurant and all it has to offer. That includes the food, drink, and ambiance.

Find out why guests say dining at Falling Rabbit is a truly memorable experience for yourself when you make a reservation with us today!

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