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Easy Craft Cocktail Recipes

Unique and creative craft cocktails are all the rage nowadays. Some of them look rather complicated, especially when featured on social media. If you’ve seen a beautiful craft cocktail online, you may be inspired to try making your own craft cocktail recipe. Falling Rabbit is here to help. Known for our hand-crafted cocktails, our drinks combine freshness with flavor to create an explosive cocktail fit everyone will enjoy. Consider us craft cocktail recipe connoisseurs. Let us take you through three easy craft cocktail recipes you can make yourself.

Fernet Sour Cocktail

A Fernet Sour is an easy craft cocktail recipe that is almost guaranteed to be a hit no matter who you’re serving. Fernet Sour has a unique taste with a lot going on: it’s equal parts sweet, sour, bitter, thirst-quenching, and uplifting. All you need are four simple ingredients: Fernet-Branca, Green Chartreuse, lime juice, and simple syrup. After preparing those four ingredients, making the craft cocktail requires just two steps. First, mix the Fernet-Branca, Green Chartreuse, simple syrup, and lime juice. Next, shake and strain the mixture. Then you’re ready to serve it to your guests! If you’d like, you may also choose to garnish the drink with fresh lime.

Smoked Old Fashioned

There’s nothing better than a Smoked Old Fashioned for a classic handmade craft cocktail. This craft cocktail recipe will give your guests everything they need to be transported straight into the Prohibition Era. With each sip, you’ll get to experience the depth of this drink’s smokiness, a quality we take pride in when crafting our own cocktails at Falling Rabbit. and the depth of the drink. Making this cocktail recipe involves just four steps. First, you’ll need to smoke the sugar, cherry, and orange peel for about two minutes. Then repeat for another two minutes to really enhance the smokiness of the drink. Now it’s time to make the drink. Add sugar to water, bourbon, and ice. Once you make the drink itself, the next step is to add back the previously-smoked garnish and smoke the whole cocktail for the third time. Finally, sip and enjoy!

Lavender Collins Cocktail

A craft cocktail recipe that is sure to impress is the Lavender Collins Cocktail. Inspired by a Tom Collins, the Lavender Collins is that but with a twist. To make this craft cocktail recipe, you will need lavender simple syrup, soda water, lemon juice, and gin. Add the gin, lemon juice, and syrup into a mixer bottle. Mix all of the ingredients together and strain mixture. Then add soda water. For aesthetics, you may choose to add some fresh rosemary as a garnish.

Discover Craft Cocktails at Falling Rabbit

Situated in Duluth, Georgia, Falling Rabbit serves a wide variety of rare spirits and creative cocktails for our guests, as well as an extensive selection of wine and local brews. We encourage you to try out these easy craft cocktail recipes yourself, or come visit us and let us make one of our very own concoctions. Experience casual fine dining at its best when you make a reservation today.

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