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How to Plan a Romantic Anniversary Dinner

Do you have a 1, 5, or 10-year anniversary coming up? Perhaps it’s even your 6-month anniversary. Any occasion is cause for celebration here at Falling Rabbit, especially when it’s a romantic anniversary. Make it truly unique by planning a romantic anniversary dinner with your significant other. Choose the right venue and everything else will fall into place. Here are a few tips for planning the perfect romantic anniversary dinner.

Make it Special by Sending an Invitation

Sending your special someone an invitation to their own romantic anniversary dinner is certainly not necessary or expected, but that’s part of what adds to the romance of it! Formally inviting your significant other to celebrate your anniversary together is a great way to set the tone from the onset. It will show that you’ve taken the time to plan a date, a time, and that you’ve already chosen the restaurant so they can peruse the menu ahead of time. Sending an invitation for your romantic anniversary dinner can also stir up a little excitement to help your partner build anticipation for the occasion.

Choose the Right Restaurant for an Anniversary Dinner

Selecting the right restaurant is probably the most important part of ensuring your romantic anniversary dinner goes off smoothly. Everyone’s preferences are different, so it’s important to cater to you and your partner’s tastes. The three main things to factor in are ambiance, the food and drink menu, and the budget. You’ll want to choose a restaurant that speaks to your personalities. Falling Rabbit in Duluth, for example, is known for being a premier casual fine dining establishment with a whimsical atmosphere. If that sounds like you, our restaurant could be the ideal venue for your anniversary dinner.

Equally important are the food and drink menus. Consider the palate of you and your partner; are they adventurous or would they prefer something simple? Do they lean towards traditional beverages, or would they be impressed by handcrafted cocktails? Last but not least, think about budget. It’s certainly nice to spend a little extra for a special occasion, but only if it is within your means.

Plan Your Anniversary Dinner at Falling Rabbit

Falling Rabbit is an excellent choice if you are looking for a restaurant in which to have your romantic anniversary dinner. Located in Duluth, Georgia, Falling Rabbit is a casual fine dining restaurant that has everything you need for the perfect anniversary dinner. Our food menu features seasonally driven fare with a new dish rotated weekly. Our drink menu includes a selection of local brews, wine, and one-of-a-kind handcrafted cocktails. We round it out with a cozy, whimsical interior that draws in guests from near and far. Experience it for yourself when you make a reservation for your romantic anniversary dinner with us today!

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