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Making Sense of Craft Drinks' Popularity

What are craft drinks and why are they so popular? Craft drinks are handmade alcoholic beverages that are made with care and attention to detail (hence the word craft). Making a craft drink requires skill and finesse, which is why they are made by hand and tend to take time to create. Craft drinks like an artisanal craft cocktail from Falling Rabbit are curated with the freshest ingredients to create an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Continue reading to learn more about craft drinks’ popularity and why you should join in on the trend!

Special Flavors

When was the last time you ordered a fancy drink just because it seemed interesting? Craft drinks offer a great level of creativity and freedom when it comes to mixing drinks with other ingredients. With all the unique flavors that craft drinks provide, more adventurous drinkers often enjoy trying out the latest flavors. By constantly experimenting and creating quality drinks, restaurants and bars can attract new guests while also keeping things exciting for regulars.

A common misconception about craft drinks is that they tend to be super fruity. While some craft drinks lean on berry and fruit flavors, others can be dry, smoky, and even chocolatey. Take our Tay Zonday cocktail, for example, which features bitter chocolate and toasted mallow as key ingredients.


Craft drink enthusiasts often opt for the ‘craft’ label because they know exactly what they will be getting, and who they will be getting it from. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying beverages from large-scale breweries, but some people prefer to keep things on a smaller scale. Craft drinks like craft beers are sometimes so popular because of the intimacy and personal touch that goes into making them.

Consumers trust that they will be getting unique flavors and quality ingredients from independent or local businesses, and may even get insight into how the products are made. This might foster a stronger connection with the manufacturer or the restaurant/bar making these craft drinks.


Craft drinks gives the head chef or beverage director the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen when curating the drink menu. Experimenting with different flavors, brews, and combinations is a wonderful way to test the boundaries of creativity for both those making the drinks as well as those consuming them.

A Growing, Lasting Trend

Many trends come and go, but craft drinks’ popularity is here to stay. The versatile nature of craft drinks and craft cocktails means bars and restaurants can constantly reinvent the wheel to make them new and different in a way that never gets old.

Craft Drinks at Falling Rabbit

Experience some of the best craft cocktails Duluth, GA has to offer here at Falling Rabbit. Our casual fine dining establishment is designed to satisfy your taste buds and excite you with new flavors along the way. Pair our specialty cocktails with items from our seasonally-driven menu for a one-of-a-kind dining experience you’ll never forget. Make your reservation at Falling Rabbit today.

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