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Tips for Casual Fine Dining

High-end fare like the food you’ll find at a fine dining establishment is hard to come by. Even more challenging may be finding a restaurant that pairs fine dining with a casual atmosphere. Lucky for you, Falling Rabbit does it all. This casual fine dining restaurant pairs the best of an advanced palate with the ease of a family owned and operated eatery. Whereas traditional fine dining typically dictates specific dress codes and behavioral standards, casual fine dining offers a more relaxed atmosphere that encourages guests to come as they are.

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We put together these casual fine dining tips to help the guests who visit Falling Rabbit have an all-around exceptional experience.

How to Dress

Formal fine dining restaurants may have specific dress codes to which all guests must adhere. For example, fine dining restaurants typically do not allow sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts. Our casual fine dining restaurant does things differently. Instead of focusing on how people look, we prioritize how they feel. No one has to wear certain items when they dine at Falling Rabbit. We pride ourselves in allowing guests to wear whatever they feel most comfortable in so they can have an enjoyable experience.

Choosing Your Drink

Not sure what drink will go well with your entree? Just ask! Casual fine dining restaurants like Falling Rabbit have staff that are well-versed in wine and beverages. They will be more than able to help you find the right drink to meet your needs, including flavor and budget. Simply give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we will make a recommendation. Whether you go with one of our craft cocktails, choose from our curated wine list, or select one of our local craft beers, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your preferences.

Avoid Placing Your Phone on the Table

Having your phone by your side is commonplace nowadays, but it has no place at the dinner table. We suggest leaving your phone off the table when dining at a casual fine dining restaurant so you can fully enjoy the experience. If you have your phone nearby in a bag, pocket, or purse, please keep it on silent so all guests can appreciate their food, drink, and company.

At Falling Rabbit Restaurant, we strive to provide our customers with one of the best casual fine dining experiences in their lives. Our servers are polite and knowledgeable, our food selection is varied, and we take pride in serving some of the most creative hand-crafted cocktails you’ll find. Push the boundaries of your taste buds, indulge in exquisite cuisine, and come visit us time and time again. We’ll be happy to see you here at Falling Rabbit.

Make sure to review our seasonally-driven fare for the latest menu and food options. To make a reservation at Falling Rabbit, please visit our reservations page.

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