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Why Dine at a Casual Fine Dining Restaurant?

Some people get the impression that fine dining restaurants are only designed for the upper class. While there are some strict rules when it comes to fine dining, casual fine dining is different. Relaxed and welcoming, casual fine dining restaurants aim to accept all guests just as they are. Casual fine dining restaurants bring the same attention to detail and dedicated hospitality of fine dining restaurants but without the dress codes and etiquette regulations. Curious as to why you should dine at a casual fine dining restaurant? Read on to learn more!

Exceptional Cuisine

The right casual fine dining restaurant will present fresh ingredients, a creative menu, and seasonal fare to all guests. Take Falling Rabbit, for example, which is one of the premier casual fine dining establishments in Duluth, GA. We pride ourselves on providing guests with an ever-changing menu. Dine with us and we’ll cater to your advanced palate every time. Come regularly and you will see a new dish rotated weekly. Whenever you visit, you’ll be treated to a unique casual fine dining experience without the fanfare of a traditional fine dining restaurant.

Unparalleled Hospitality

Service is paramount at casual fine dining restaurants. Getting the 5-star treatment is a luxury we extend to all guests here at Falling Rabbit. Our staff are expertly trained to accommodate all patrons from the moment they make a reservation to when they leave their tables fully satisfied. Not sure what cocktail to get? Ask one of our servers for a recommendation. Need help pairing wine with your entree? We can help with that as well. Our staff are educated, experienced, and skilled. Most importantly, they are ready to make dining at our establishment memorable in the best of ways.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Traditional fine dining restaurants have certain standards to uphold when it comes to dress codes and ambiance. Casual fine dining, however, tosses the status quo aside in favor of a more relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Instead of requiring that guests wear sports jackets and button-down shirts, we encourage all people dining with us to come as they are. Falling Rabbit has a cozy, magical, whimsical ambiance; we want our guests to embody that energy and have a great time when visiting our restaurant. Everything from our interior to the attitudes of our wait staff are designed to promote an enjoyable time for everyone who chooses to dine with us. Our family owned and operated mentality mixed with our own personal touch set us apart from the rest of the fine dining establishments in the area.

Find out for yourself why people love dining at casual fine dining restaurants when you visit Falling Rabbit today. Make a reservation or contact us to learn more.

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