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Business Dinners

Finding the right place to have a business dinner in Duluth, GA is easy – Falling Rabbit Restaurant! Our casual fine dining establishment is the perfect location to meet with clients, talk business, and have an exceptional meal all at the same time. Choose Falling Rabbit for your next business dinner today.

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About Business Dinners at Falling Rabbit

Business dinners may be held for a number of reasons, networking, selling, relationship-building among them. A business dinner is the perfect opportunity to get to know someone outside the confines of the office and speak in greater detail about a potential project. The more relaxed atmosphere of having a business dinner at a casual fine dining restaurant like Falling Rabbit may help relieve the pressures that might otherwise be present in a formal corporate setting.

With a varied seasonal menu and an extensive, handcrafted cocktail menu (in addition to our selection of fine wines and local brews), you and your table will have plenty to choose from. You give your clients the 5-star treatment when they’re in your office; why not do the same when taking them out to a business dinner? Whether it is with just one other colleague or a team of people, your business dinner can go exactly as you plan when you host it with us at Falling Rabbit.

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Why You Should Have Your Business Dinners at Falling Rabbit?

Location and venue are some of the key factors in the success of any business dinner. This is your opportunity to make vital connections that could stay with you for the entirety of your career, so choosing the right place for a business dinner is critical. Here at Falling Rabbit, we cover it all. Our cozy interior is designed to welcome all guests. In both our general dining area as well as our private dining event room, we can cater to the unique needs of both you and your party, making us the ideal place for corporate and business events like business dinners.

Companies of all types choose Falling Rabbit for business dinners because they trust that our staff will take care of their every need. Our ever-changing seasonal fare features a new dish rotated weekly to offer guests something different all the time. We pride ourselves on having a food and drink menu with dishes made from only the freshest ingredients so you will have an exceptional experience no matter what you order. Our team will take care of everything, from dietary requirements to giving suggestions on what beverage to pair with your meal. This makes it easy for you to focus on relationship-building. In addition to our beautiful general seating area, Falling Rabbit also offers a private room where you can discuss business with your guests in a more confidential setting.


Choose Falling Rabbit for Casual Fine Dining & Craft Cocktails

Known for our specialty seasonal dishes and signature cocktails prepared by Executive Chef Chuck Woods, our menu is filled with a wide array of options. Our cocktails are handcrafted using the freshest ingredients and our fare is driven by the changing seasons. You’ll be treated to a unique casual fine dining experience each time you visit us for various events.

Want to book your next event with us? Call us at (770) 870-6406 or send an email today. For dinner reservations, click here.

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