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Holidays Events

Holidays are created to remember, to commemorate, and to celebrate. There is no better way to make a holiday special than to gather with friends for drinks and laughter. These are the days that turn into shining gems among the monotonous routine of the year; the time when you forsake mundane meetings for a reunion of hearts with those you hold dear. Be it to reflect on the year with gratitude, or to look forward to the future with hope, hold your holiday event at Falling Rabbit, where you can expect seamless service and sumptuous food and drinks.

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About Holiday Events

Hold your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties with us at the Falling Rabbit. Our cozy, whimsical ambience transports you and your guests to a magical place far removed from the world – at least for a few hours. Be immersed within an enchanting microcosm of gregarious company and good food and leave lighter in heart and spirit. Our team works hard to delight our guests with seasonally-driven fare that are tastefully presented.

We innovate constantly and avoid resting on our laurels as we strive to keep our food interesting and our guests curious. Our service is seamless, friendly and attentive so the focus is on your conversations. With everyone’s busy schedules, we understand the importance of holiday events and work hard to fulfil events and parties that leaves our guests merry and well-satisfied.

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Why You Should Organize Holiday Events At Falling Rabbit

Our restaurant has the perfect combination of good food, drinks, and atmosphere. The dark wooden interior décor is reminiscent of a scene out of an Enid Blyton story, while the acorn lamps add a whimsical touch to the atmosphere. It is a place where fantasy and reality mix, producing a delightful otherworldly dining experience.

Our private dining room holds up to 16 guests, just the right number for snug conversations. The secluded space of the private dining room shields you and your guests from the greater part of the restaurant, with attentive dedicated servers. Even though service is solicitous, the Falling Rabbit is welcoming and all-inclusive. We keep things light and fun, maintaining a relaxed atmosphere while we take care of all details for you.

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Choose Falling Rabbit For Casual Fine Dining & Craft Cocktails

Our innovative cocktails, extensive wine list, and seasonal fare has made us an established casual fine dining restaurant in Duluth, Georgia. We pride ourselves in serving a menu that you would find nowhere else. Our focus on using only fresh ingredients that are seasonally available puts our guests in-sync with the rhythm of nature. We have a similar focus for our craft cocktails for which is a large part of our appeal. Only top-notch brands such as Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Scrapgrace Black Gin, Stellum Barrel Proof Bourbon are used in our creative concoctions. Our cocktails are thus truly unique and highly aesthetic.

Want to book your next holiday event with us? Peruse our list of craft cocktails here. For dinner reservations, click here.


Choose Falling Rabbit for Holiday Events

Known for our specialty seasonal dishes and signature cocktails prepared by Executive Chef Chuck Woods, our menu is filled with a wide array of options. Our cocktails are handcrafted using the freshest ingredients and our fare is driven by the changing seasons. You’ll be treated to a unique casual fine dining experience each time you visit us for various events.

Want to book your next event with us? Call us at (770) 870-6406 or send an email today. For dinner reservations, click here.

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