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The Benefits of Eating Food That’s in Season

It should come as no surprise that certain foods are meant for certain times of the year. Watermelon in the summer, winter squash in the winter…we could go on, but the idea behind this comes down to food that is in season. Different locations have their own seasonal trends when it comes to growing food. In Georgia, for example, we’re known for our peaches, which are primarily in season between May to September.

While you may have heard about the importance of eating food that’s in season, perhaps you’re not sure what all the benefits are. Read on to learn more about eating seasonally and why it’s a good idea to dine at restaurants that prioritize seasonally-driven fare.

Food in Season Will Always be Fresher

Have you ever tried to get watermelon in the middle of winter? If so, you know that both its color and flavor tend to be lacking. That’s because watermelon isn’t in season in the winter and therefore won’t have the same level of freshness and nutritional value as food that is. Eating food that’s in season is the best way to retain the highest level of nutrients. Seasonal fruits and vegetables will ripen naturally in the sun and maintain maximum levels of antioxidants and nutrients. Even if you try to import that is in season in a different location, it may lose some of its nutrients in transportation. location

Seasonally-Driven Fare Offers Variety

It would be so boring to eat the same things day in and day out. Eating with the seasons provides built-in variety while giving you the opportunity to experiment with new tastes and flavors. There will always be staples that can be eaten year-round, but seasonal dishes are great for keeping your palate endlessly intrigued.

Eating With the Seasons May be Better for Your Health

If you’re interested in health and wellness, eating food that is in season could be just what you need to feel your best. For example, broccoli grown during its peak season (which is fall), has a higher amount of Vitamin C than broccoli that’s grown during the spring. A lot of people prefer to get their vitamins from food. If this sounds like you and you’re looking to maximize the nutritional output you receive from your foods, eating with the seasons could be to your benefit.

Food that’s in Season Tastes Better

When it all comes down to it, eating food that is in season simply tastes better than food that is not! This makes sense, especially when you consider that the food is intended to be consumed during that period of time.

When you eat according to the seasons, you tend to feel better because you’re eating in accordance with the natural harvesting patterns. Here at Falling Rabbit Restaurant, our entire menu is curated with seasonally-driven fare. We use fresh ingredients in both our food and drink menus to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience you’ll want to repeat time and time again. Best of all, you’ll never be bored – the menu is dynamic and ever-changing, just like the seasons!

Make a reservation and join us at Falling Rabbit in Duluth, GA today.

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