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Tips For An Enjoyable Valentine’s Day Dining

Thinking about celebrating Valentine’s Day with that special someone? Be sure to mind your manners and etiquette to leave a good impression on your date. From treating the wait staff with courtesy and respect to basic table manners, here are some tips for an enjoyable Valentine’s Day dining experience.

Be Punctual

It is important to be punctual for your reservation slot to be considerate to the customers allocated after you as well as to reduce the hassle of the host of the restaurant. It is best to respect your reservation time and arrive a few minutes early. This will not only help to reduce the burden on the restaurant staff but would also set a good impression of you on your date!

No Screens

Spending time on your phone or tablet at your table can be taken as rude behavior. By giving your undivided attention to your date, it shows that you are truly focused on your partner and would be bound to make him or her feel special for the night.

Respect Servers

According to, being rude to the wait staff in a restaurant is one of the top 10 pet peeves in dating for men. It can make you seem like a generally unpleasant person to be around and can be a red flag in many relationships. Be gracious and courteous towards your servers and let them know in a polite manner if a mistake has been made with your food. This can be a positive reflection on your character and you and your partner would enjoy the date much more because of it.

Brush Up on Your Table Manners

If you’re heading towards a fine dining restaurant, it is important to ensure that you know the basics of table manners, like using your silverware from the outside in and ensuring that your elbows are not flat on the dining table. Good manners can often impress your date and portray you as a sophisticated and well-mannered individual.

Offer to Help with the Bill

Whether you’re the male or the female in the relationship, it’s always a good reflection on you if you offer to pay or go dutch when the bill arrives, it shows initiative on your part and makes you seem more attractive to the other party.

Mind Your Budget

It can be tempting to lose sight of the total cost of the meal when you’re having a good time with your partner but do take note to keep within your budget. Ensure that you have sufficient cash in your wallet or that your credit card limit has not been exceeded. It would definitely be a downer in the night if you were not able to pay off the final bill for your dinner!

Check Out Valentine’s Day Fine Dining at Falling Rabbit Restaurant

Here at Falling Rabbit restaurant, we have specially curated Valentine’s Day events and menus you can look forward to, and we make sure we conjure an unforgettable fine dining experience for all lovers. You can book a reservation in advance or visit the website menu for more information.

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