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What Makes Casual Fine Dining Restaurants Unique?

Casual fine dining restaurants are a unique entity. They bring the best of high-end cuisine mixed with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, making all guests feel welcome and satisfied. Falling Rabbit has become a casual fine dining staple in the greater Duluth, Georgia area. Known for our dynamic fare curated according to the seasons, our restaurant delivers casual fine dining at it’s, well, finest!

Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal In Restaurant

The differences between fine dining and casual fine dining are plenty. Read on to learn more about what makes casual fine dining restaurants so coveted and unique.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Nerves have no place at the casual fine dining restaurant that is Falling Rabbit. Despite our food being some of the very best Downtown Duluth has to offer, we bring a much more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere than one might find at a traditional fine dining restaurant. We have neither a strict dress code nor do we expect anything other than hungry bellies from our guests. We pride ourselves in accepting all people and encourage them to come as they are.

Creative Cocktails

Pinkies up are a thing of the past in casual fine dining restaurants like Falling Rabbit. We like to get creative with our drinks and explore the boundaries of what makes a cocktail truly special. To that end, we bring a sense of whimsy and fun into our cocktail creations. Casual fine dining marries skill with eclecticism to deliver guests the most unique drink and dining experiences around.

Exceptional Food

This one is not really a differentiator between fine dining restaurants and casual fine dining; both are known for being ideal for guests with advanced palettes. That said, casual fine dining restaurants make less of a to-do about the fanfare. While we still value aesthetics and presentation, our goal is to make the food itself accessible to those eating it. Instead of becoming intimidated by our dishes, our guests find them approachable and are ready to dig in at first glance.

Esteemed Hospitality

The staff working in casual fine dining restaurants treat every guest with the utmost respect. They are expertly trained to answer any and all questions you might send their way. We want every visit to our restaurant to be one that you will not forget. Whether you are looking for a recommendation on what drink to pair with your entree or have questions about our seasonal menu, our experienced staff are more than happy to provide their expert guidance.

Are you ready to experience casual fine dining in Duluth, Georgia for yourself? Try Falling Rabbit. Inspired by a poem read to Executive Chef Chuck Woods during childhood, this whimsical, cozy casual fine dining restaurant is sure to bring guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience they will never forget. Call us at 770.623.1452 or contact us to make a reservation today!

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