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What to Do When Visiting Duluth, GA

If you’re taking a trip to Duluth, GA and are in need of some inspiration for where to go, you’ve come to the right place. There is so much to do and plenty to see when visiting Duluth. An ideal location for friends and families, Duluth is known for being a city with a rather small population but convenient access to plenty of interesting attractions. Here are several attractions to visit when you are in Duluth, GA!

Southeastern Monorail

With so much rich historical significance, it comes as no surprise that one of Duluth’s main attractions is a heritage museum. The Southeastern Monorail is known for having one of the best collections of rail and transport relics in the southeastern section of the United States. The museum occupies 35 acres and includes many historic relics such as carriages and private rail cars. As a visiting tourist to the Southeastern Monorail, you’ll be able to ride some of the exhibits like the amusement train that was imported from the zoo in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hudgens Center for Art & Learning

The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning opened its doors in 1992 as a place for children to explore their creative, artistic sides. The Center is a hub for community arts that regularly hosts classes, events, and even has a sculpture garden that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

Visit Downtown Duluth, GA

Downtown Duluth offers plenty of variety for visitors of all ages and from every walk of life. Home to a variety of locally owned businesses, downtown Duluth has shopping, food, entertainment, and relaxation. Town Green is an outdoor amphitheater located in Downtown Duluth. Complete with a fountain and known for hosting free festivals, concerts, movies, and other entertainment events, Town Green is a must-see attraction in Duluth, especially if you’re visiting in the summer.

Red Clay Music Foundry

Music fans listen up! The Red Clay Music Foundry is just for you. This is a truly unique experience that you’ll only get when visiting Duluth. Perfect for an evening activity, the Red Clay Music Foundry lets you perform country music alongside a range of professional singers and songwriters. In addition to musical performance, Red Clay holds comedy events and a host of concerts where you can listen to some of the most talented musicians from around the world.

Visit Falling Rabbit Restaurant

After exploring the various attractions in Duluth, GA, you’ll surely have worked up an appetite. Make sure to join us for lunch or dinner at Falling Rabbit in Duluth for a unique casual fine dining experience unlike any other. Our seasonally driven fare features new dishes rotated weekly. We have a handcrafted cocktail menu with flavors that will send your palate into an explosive cocktail fit. We round it all out with our cozy, whimsical interior that welcomes anyone and everyone. Experience the best of Duluth when you dine with us at Falling Rabbit. Make your reservation today!

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