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Where to Celebrate a Birthday in Duluth, GA

Is it your birthday? Perhaps it’s your friend’s birthday, or the birthday of a family member. Whosever birthday it is, if you’re looking to celebrate a birthday in Duluth, GA, there are several hotspots you must check out. Read on to find out more about where to celebrate birthdays in Duluth, GA.

The Velvet Note in Georgia

Just a short drive away from Duluth, The Velvet Note is a Jazz & Blues club in Alpharetta, Georgia. This venue is a popular destination for any night out but may be especially great if you or the person you’re celebrating is a jazz buff. Complete with live music and superior acoustics, The Velvet Note is a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday in Duluth, GA.

Rock City

The mountains have a way of making you feel on top of the world and that’s exactly how you’d want to feel on your birthday! This is the ideal birthday activity if you love exploring and being in nature. The highlight of the trip is the nearly 4100 feet long walking trail. You will feel as though you are walking on clouds as you take in the rock formations and lush greenery below. There are several special events throughout the year too.

Zip N Time

There’s no better way to reclaim your youth than by doing something adventurous, exhilarating and heart-pumping. That’s right – prepare for an adrenaline rush as you zipline your way down. Zip N Time in Helen, GA is a great way to liven things up if you feel that day-to-day life has become a bit mundane. Coming with like-minded friends will sweeten the deal as you hear their screams echoing in the valley. Make it a birthday you’ll really remember when you visit Zip N Time in Georgia.

Pinot’s Palette

For those among us who prefer a quieter, more mellow activity, Pinot’s Palette could be the best place to celebrate a birthday in Duluth, GA. Here you can let your canvas capture the richness of your imagination as you sip wine with friends. Choose your project and create something you’re really proud of for your birthday.

Falling Rabbit Restaurant

No birthday is complete without a good meal that is satisfying and hits the spot. Falling Rabbit promises you a magical time with its rotating menu options and craft cocktails. Make a reservation for you and a few friends for your special day. Alternatively, you can also reserve a private dining room for parties of up to 16 people. This is a great place to celebrate a birthday in Duluth and really make your special day count.

Celebrate birthdays in the best way possible when you visit us at Falling Rabbit in Duluth, GA today!

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