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5 Reasons to Choose Craft Cocktails for Your Next Night Out

Going out on the town for a night with friends is an opportunity to get dressed up and try something new. Perhaps that means going to a restaurant you’ve never been to in Duluth, like Falling Rabbit. Known for its seasonal fare and handcrafted cocktails, Falling Rabbit Restaurant offers guests something truly unique: a whimsical atmosphere with a thoughtfully curated menu that will send your tastebuds to flavor town. While wine and beer certainly have their place on a drink menu, there are several reasons to choose craft cocktails, especially when you’re at a casual fine dining restaurant and bar like Falling Rabbit.

What are Craft Cocktails?

There’s a reason craft cocktails are called what they are. Creating these one-of-a-kind drinks takes skill and craftsmanship. Perfecting even traditional cocktails requires expertise, but craft cocktails tend to be even more involved. Craft cocktails can be made with various types of liquor and may contain fruit, truffles, chocolate, and many other ingredients to enhance their flavor profiles.

Now that you know a thing or two about craft cocktails, here are several reasons you may want to experiment with them on your next night out.

  1. More Value for the Money

At face value, this seems counterintuitive; cocktails, especially craft cocktails and handcrafted cocktails, may cost twice as much as a standard beer or glass of wine. You’ll quickly see, however, that the quality of ingredients used to make craft cocktails is what makes all the difference. Craft beer and high-quality wine are hard to come by as well unless you’re at a casual fine dining establishment. Furthermore, with craft cocktails, you’re not just paying for the drink but also the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into making it.

  1. More Variety of Cocktails

The wide variety of craft cocktails is pretty impressive. Not only are there traditional craft cocktails that tend to be available at most bars, but the opportunities for creativity and innovation with craft cocktails are seemingly endless. Bartenders may start with one certain type of liquor like vodka or gin, but once they add in unique ingredients and flavors, there’s no telling where things will go. That’s part of what makes drinking craft cocktails so fun.

  1. Craft Cocktails Can be More Fun to Drink

Speaking of fun, there’s a real element of enjoyment that comes with trying a new drink like a craft cocktail. Swirling around the new flavors and seeing what the bartender has come up with is part of what makes for an entertaining experience. In addition to the flavor profile of your drink, there’s also the visual appeal to consider. Craft cocktails often look beautiful, with vibrant colors and garnishes decorating the glass. Join us at Falling Rabbit and you’ll experience firsthand what it’s like to “ooh and ahh” over a beautiful drink.

  1. Craft Cocktails May be More Gluten-friendly

Dietary restrictions are an important consideration when dining out, whether with the food or drink menu. If you abide by a gluten-free lifestyle, it may be to your advantage to opt for a craft cocktail over something like beer. While beer is enjoyable in its own right, most forms of beer (unless they are specialty beers) are made by brewing wheat; this won’t do you any favors if you’re one of our gluten-free friends. Instead, most craft cocktails contain wheat-free liquors. If you’re not sure, just ask your bartender and they should be able to guide you in the right direction. If you’re experimenting at home, you could also try creating your own craft cocktails with our very own recipes!

Ready to try a craft cocktail for yourself at Falling Rabbit? Make a reservation with us today! We can’t wait to see you here.

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