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A Guide to Celebrating a Birthday at a Restaurant

A restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday. Whether it’s for two or twenty people, making a reservation at your favorite restaurant is a great way to gather friends and family to celebrate someone’s birthday. Reserve a table or a book a private room; you can’t go wrong! The key to having a great time when celebrating a birthday at a restaurant is to plan ahead. We put together this guide so you can make the most of your celebration.

Pretty Woman Celebrating Birthday

Ambiance and Cuisine

Decisions decisions! Planning a birthday celebration at a restaurant is fun but it comes with several decisions, the first of which being the restaurant itself! Knowing what kind of cuisine and ambiance the birthday person prefers is the most important part, as it will help you choose the right restaurant. Do they want casual fine dining, which pairs high end food with a relaxed atmosphere? If so, Falling Rabbit could be the ideal venue for a birthday celebration at a restaurant. With an ever-changing menu and a bar offering craft cocktails, a thoughtfully curated wine list, and a selection of local craft beers, everyone in your party will be able to find something they enjoy.

Size Capacity

It is crucial to make sure the restaurant you choose for a birthday celebration can accommodate your party. While small birthday celebrations for between two and five people are typically not a problem, it gets trickier when parties exceed 10+ people. Call ahead to verify that the restaurant where you want to host the birthday celebration can handle your group. At the same time, consider whether it would be better to reserve a separate room or if a large table will be adequate.

Surprise or Not

Are you planning on throwing a surprise party? How fun! Surprise parties at restaurants can work well, but they require proper planning ahead of time. Will you have everyone seated at a table in the back of the restaurant, or would it be better to have a separate space? These are things you can work out with the restaurant's manager.

Pre-Fixe Menu or Not

As the organizer of this birthday celebration, it is up to you as to whether or not you’d like guests to choose from a pre-selected menu or from the entire restaurant’s menu. Choosing just a few appetizer, entree, and dessert options could simplify things and make it easier on the entire party. Alternatively, if you have a small group of people, leaving the options open shouldn’t be an issue.

We encourage you to celebrate your next birthday with us here at Falling Rabbit in Duluth, GA. Our casual fine dining establishment is here to make all your birthday wishes come true. Contact us today!

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