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Encouraging a Picky Eater to Try New Foods

Going out to dinner as a family is a great way to build meaningful memories. Finding a restaurant that welcomes kids of all ages is crucial, especially when you have a picky eater. Lots of children are picky eaters but having one in your family doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a night out. Following these tips below and going to the right casual fine dining establishment like Falling Rabbit Restaurant can make all the difference for you and your picky eater.

Be a Role Model for Your Child

Parents have the unique ability to shape their children’s food habits based on how they model their own. Seeing you explore new foods and having a good attitude while doing it may encourage your kids to do the same. Always make mealtime a positive experience, especially when trying new foods. Staying upbeat and engaged throughout the meal will show your kids that this is a special time that should be enjoyable.

Pick a Restaurant with Several Options

The best way to satisfy a picky eater when dining out is to choose a restaurant with plenty of options. For example, choosing to go to Falling Rabbit means you will be given a wide selection of seasonal dishes to suit every kind of palate. More options means more of a chance that everyone will get what they want, including a picky eater.

Aim for Simplicity & Familiarity

Picky eaters usually experience fear of the unknown. It’s rarely that they do not like the actual dish, but more that they don’t know what is in it and what to expect. If you’re dealing with a picky eater who gets overwhelmed by complicated dishes, we suggest aiming for something simple. Meatballs, sweet potatoes, and chicken are foods that may be commonly found in other restaurants as well as made at home. This means that the picky eater could already be familiar with them. While some casual fine dining establishments may make them differently, the simplicity of the food mixed with the familiarity of the dish should do the trick.

Pick an Inviting Restaurant

Sometimes the ambiance of the place where you choose to eat makes all the difference. Choose a restaurant with a unique interior like Falling Rabbit and your picky eater may be put instantly at ease. Great for all ages, Falling Rabbit has a whimsical nature that draws in people from all walks of life. Our cozy interior and delicious food will give you and your picky eater a one-of-a-kind dining experience you’re sure to remember. Who knows? Perhaps dining here will encourage your picky eater to branch out and experiment a bit more.

To reserve a table at Falling Rabbit, please get in touch with us at 770 623-1452 or email

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